You’ll hear what you’ve never seen before. 


TRÄUMER (dreamer) / Träumer_artist is a cross media audio based art project of sound designer, performer, composer and musician Peter Philippe Weiss. In different media and live formats he invites his audience on a trip to mystery and thrilling dream worlds. TRÄUMER’s is a completely new format and a lifetime research and experimental project of the artist that is now realized as dream-story-concerts as well as live DJ sets. A podcast is in the works.

The central theme in all TRÄUMER projects: the pictures, the ‘visuality’ unfolds always and only in the imagination of the audience. On the base of the TRÄUMER’s sound stories, everybody experiences and creates their own dream world. 




Next Dream Story Concerts:

Soon TRÄUMER Story Concerts in Basel and Zürich!


Realized Projects:

10.11.2018        Aarberger Nacht, TRÄUMER 3.0 Story Concert (PREMIERE)

10.07.2018      NIFFF Neuchatel International Festival of Fantastic Film, Live-DJ-Set

2015                  TRÄUMER performance tour in Switzerland

2015                  DINNER OF DREAMS with star cook Raffael Weber

2016                  TRÄUMER spezial 2h live transmission on RADIO X Switzerland

2005 – 2016     Spatial and city sound installations in Basel (CH) and Osnabrück (GER)


Planned projects:

TRÄUMER dream story concert in Switzerland, Germany and…

TRÄUMER podcast, Spring 2019

TRÄUMER Spatial and city art sound installations